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We are a marketing analytics consulting firm providing data-driven customer intelligence for segmentation and audience targeting that delivers optimal campaign response.
New Orleans

Since the 2010 Census, the population of New Orleans has grown 13.3% compared to 4.1% for the U.S. and 3.0% for Louisiana.
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IntelliStats develops market research and analytical solutions in support of companies committed to building one-to-one relationships with customers. 
Get a close-up view of your customers.​


We believe that data-driven marketing campaigns are most successful when the target audience is understood on five key levels:
  • Motivations -- What drives the customer and their relationship with your brand or store?
  • Attitudes -- What is the customer’s opinion/reaction to your brand, your stores, and your customer marketing programs?
  • Aspirations -- How does your customer view their current or potential relationship with your brand?
  • Demographics/Lifestyles -- What is the customer’s profile based upon household composition, demographics, and interests?
  • Behaviors -- What do your customer’s past transaction-based interactions tell you about possible future purchase behaviors?
By gathering and integrating data derived from each of the above levels, a multi-dimensional picture of your customers can be formed to help guide decision-making. ​