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We are a marketing analytics consulting firm providing data-driven customer intelligence for segmentation and audience targeting that delivers optimal campaign response.
New Orleans

Since the 2010 Census, the population of New Orleans has grown 13.3% compared to 4.1% for the U.S. and 3.0% for Louisiana.
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Bill Schneider, Principal Analyst

"I like to describe myself as a marketer trapped in a statistician's body."
Bill Schneider is Principal Analyst at IntelliStats Analytic Solutions.  His primary goal is to lead partners and clients to data-driven audience targeting and marketing programs that excel in a multi-channel world.  Bill’s role includes leading internal teams and external business partners in the development of advanced analytical solutions that utilize transaction level data analysis, predictive modeling, consumer segmentation, and other emerging marketing science techniques.

Bill combines a unique blend of analytical thought leadership with creative insights resulting in actionable marketing strategies.  He has worked with clients across a wide spectrum of industries including retail, financial services, sports and recreation, telecommunications, hospitality, and non-profit organizations.

Priror to forming IntelliStats, Bill served as VP, Data Product Research and Solutions Support Consultant for Experian Marketing Services and SVP, Analytics and Customer Insights at Customer Communications Group.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Vermont.  
IntelliStats is a statistical consulting firm that enhances a marketer’s ability to understand, attract, develop, and retain customers.  This is accomplished through insightful database analysis, predictive analytics, and strategic market perspectives that lead to more effective target marketing and brand building initiatives.

IntelliStats works directly with companies of all sizes who generally lack the internal resources to fully leverage their customer data, market research, and brand assets.  IntelliStats also works indirectly with clients through alliances and partnerships with marketing agencies and other vendors of marketing services.